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My dilemma is I've a twelve inch penis and it only goes 50 %-way into the vagina of my girlfriend. Is there any medical procedures to shorten it? Regardless of whether it will lessen the sensitivity?

I do not need a great deal of armpit or facial hair, I have only two-3 hairs below a single armpit. I had been wondering why I don't have an enormous penis however? Could someone assist me out???

Should you be considering this operation, Ensure that you discover a dependable surgeon (consider the segment on beauty operation). This may be difficult, for the reason that not quite a few surgeons are ready to do this Procedure, due to the problems related to it. 

I am 17 years old and my penis is so little because i was born, i want it to be with a normall size, be sure to assistance me out.

e". I have even experienced some past girlfriends cheat/crack up with me as they have explained that my penis was not sufficiently big for them and they desired a little something More substantial/better.

My erect penis is 12cm and I are told by lots of girls that It is smaller than the Some others they have found. Some have said that size won't make any difference, some have claimed that they prefer greater and many have actuall laughed After i bought undressed. A few have informed their pals that I've a babydick :(

My penis is rather smaller when it is flaccid,I'd common about two inches. When it can be reject I would say it really is about 5 inches approximately, I never ever utilised any measuring devices,therefore I'm not way too absolutely sure could you notify me how I can add a few much more inches on.

I am short, five'3". Several women have instructed me I have a giant dick. I think It can be extra vast than long, for the reason that I measured it a several years ago and it had been all over 6 inches. I believe women do like a reasonably sized penis, so long as it's actually not as well massive. The only real difficulties I have experienced are because of It truly is width, because at times It can be a good slot in my girlfriend.

Hi, I am 34 year aged from British isles I have a few concerns When I do sex with my spouse in just 2 minutes my sperm appear out and I not able to satisfy her for last two min. I am so worried about it. You should notify me what really should I do. I usually do not smoke nor alcoholic nor every other patterns I'm getting. I'm getting trouble of premature ejection i.

I also requested An additional problem about getting rid of bodyweight when compared with penis size previously, but will my testicles hang more Once i drop bodyweight, will they dangle a lot more frequently.

since I used to be 8 yrs my penis Resources did not increase a tiny bit and my girl Mate is retaining on inquiring me when are we gonna have sex and i cant convey to her that i have a little penis wht must i do?

Hey to those of you which might be freaking out about penis duration. rest, unless you have a micropenis, (Which I think is two inches or significantly less when erect) Then you definately are fine. four inches are going to be sweet for some women. My recent spouse states that I am the largest she has actually been with, I accustomed to Feel she was stating that to generate me truly feel nice and failed to think her. Then I seemed on the internet and realised that 7inches is definitely a fantastic size.

Ok so im 12 and I had been in my Bed room and my freinds pulled a prank on me and I noticed they experienced their penises out and I believed abt it and thers have been bigger than mine abd i just started out undergoing puberty could it be typical

Thanx for data. My penis is 5 inch when erected. I used to be very first felt shame contemplating my organ is too modest to fulfill a girl but after looking at your post and many yahoo responses now i truly feel I have a penis very long adequate for sexual intercourse. I never ever experienced intercourse with my girlfriend for that reason fear but now I'll get it done.

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